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Disaster statistics in Ohio

May 2017 - A period of heavy rainfall up to 15 inches over a multi-state region in the Midwest caused historic levels of flooding along many rivers. The flooding was most severe in Missouri, Arkansas and southern Illinois where levees were breached and towns were flooded. There was widespread damage to homes, businesses, infrastructure and agriculture. Severe storms also caused additional impacts during the flooding event across a number of central and southern states.

June 2016 - Torrential rainfall caused destructive flooding through many West Virginia towns, damaging thousands of homes and businesses and causing considerable loss of life. Over 1,500 roads and bridges were damaged or destroyed making the impact on infrastructure comparable to the historic 2013 Colorado flood. The storm system also produced numerous tornadoes causing damage across several Ohio Valley states.

May 2015 - A slow-moving system caused tremendous rainfall and subsequent flooding to occur in Texas and Oklahoma. The Blanco river in Texas swelled from 5 feet to a crest of more than 40 feet over several hours causing considerable property damage and loss of life. The city of Houston also experienced flooding which resulted in hundreds of high-water rescues. The damage in Texas alone exceeded 1.0 (1.1) billion. There was also damage in other states (KS, CO, AR, OH, LA, GA, SC) from associated severe storms.


Fires in the U.S.

Households can expect to average a home fire every 15 years or five fires in an average lifetime. (Life expectancy now averages 78 years in the U.S., according to the Statistical Abstract.) That is one of the results of the latest survey of unreported fires, conducted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, when combined with NFPA’s annual tracking of reported fires.

Each year there are more than 1,300,000 fires reported in the United States. These fires caused $10.6 billion in property damage. 475,500 were structure fires causing $7.9 billion in property damage.

The U.S. fire loss clock a fire department responds to a fire every 24 seconds. One structure fire was reported every 66 seconds.

Weather Related Damages in the U.S.

During last years weather-related damages reached $18,438 billion. Property damages were estimated at $18,195 billion. The most costly weather culprit for property owners was again floods, which caused $10.7 billion in damages, followed again by hail ($3.5 billion) and this year by tropical storms, ($3.1 billion). Crop damages totaled about $243 million per year. Once again, flooding caused the most crop damage, accounting for $199 million. Louisiana accured the most in damages in last years, $9.2 billion in losses, mostly from flooding.

Weather Event Property Damage (million $)
Lightning 23.02
Tornado 181.16
Thunderstorm Wind 144.89
Hail 3,512.67
Flash Flood 3,641.30
River Flood 7,066.22
Coastal Storm 220.94
Rip Current 32.48
Tropical Storm / Hurricane  3,053.92
Weather Event Property Damage (million $)
 Winter Storm   22.92 
 Ice  9.62
 Drought  1.74 
 Dust Storm  1.29
 Dust Devil   0.05
 Rain   4.38 
 Fog  0.19
 High Wind   95.80
 Fire Weather  181.50
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Best Option Restoration franchise opportunity in Ohio