What is Fire Damage Restoration? Steps to Restore Fire Damage


No one begins a day thinking that they will have to deal with the aftermath of a fire. Even so, fires occur more often than many people think. For the calendar year of 2020, the National Fire Protection Association reports just under 1.4 million fires took place. The loss in property damages alone was in the billions. 


Part of the recovery process involves taking the most pragmatic approach to fire damage restoration. In the best-case scenario, the restoration effort will undo most of the damage, pave the way for repairing the rest, and make it possible to utilize the site once again. That can best be accomplished by making use of what a reputable fire damage restoration service has to offer. 

What is Fire Damage Restoration? Steps to Restore Fire Damage


What is meant by fire damage restoration? The basics focus on attempting to assess the scope of the damage, making sure the property is secured from unauthorized access, and taking appropriate steps to undo as much of the damage as possible. 


It's sometimes used as an umbrella term that encompasses all the types of restoration that may be necessary after a fire. For example, there may be fire and water damage restoration elements that are part of the process. Cleanouts as well as cleanups may be needed. There's also the possibility that some sort of structural repairs will be part of the process. 


With residential and commercial fire damage restoration alike, the best solution is to call in experts from Best Option Restoration to manage the process. The amount of support they can offer helps to provide more hope during a difficult period. 

Essential Steps For Restoration After Fire Damage

It's important to understand that different situations will call for various ways of handling any residential or commercial fire damage restoration. While the approach may be a little different in each case, there are key steps that are included. This is true for properties damaged by fires that were contained promptly, and those that sustained greater damage. 


Here are examples of steps that are found with just about every attempt to restore a property after a fire: 


  • Conduct a Full Inspection of the Damaged Site

Before any type of fire damage cleanup can commence, it's necessary to evaluate the extent of that damage. A professional will enter the space, and go over it thoroughly. That inspection helps to identify what needs to be done in order to restore the space to whatever degree possible. 


  • Make Note of Areas That Are Currently Not Safe


It's not just damage to contents that comes under scrutiny. The inspection also takes into account damage to the structure itself. In particular, identifying areas that may be unsafe at present is part of the reason for the evaluation. The number and amount of spaces that will need some reinforcement before they can be entered is key to coming up with a plan for the restoration. 


  • Determine the Supplies and Equipment Needed


With a good idea of what's damaged, the next step will involve assembling all the resources needed for the restoration effort. This will include various kinds of equipment, cleaning supplies, and even safety equipment. The goal is to ensure everything that's needed is brought to the site, and is ready for use when the time comes. 


  • Structure a Series of Actions For the Cleanup Project


The results of advance inspection make it possible to begin structuring the actual cleanup and restoration. This involves determining what to do first, and how each part of the process will prepare for the next cleanup phase. In this manner, the professionals handling the restoration can constantly move the effort forward. 


  • Drain All Water From The Site and Dry the Space Thoroughly


Fire caused the initial damage, but the water used to bring the fire under control is likely pooled in some areas. Depending on how much water is standing, draining the affected space is a priority. Doing so helps to prevent additional damage from occurring. 


  • Remove and Dispose of Contents That Cannot Be Saved


It takes a trained eye to determine what contents can be restored, and which ones are total losses. Professionals know what cleaning methods will make items usable again, and how to go about using them effectively. Anything that is beyond restoration is inventoried for insurance purposes, then removed from the property. 


  • Eliminate Smoke and Soot Residue:


Knowing how to clean up smoke damage after a fire is a key part of the restoration. To that end, professionals will get rid of all smoke and soot residue. This further makes it possible to work safely in the area, and aids in preparing spaces for any type of structural repairs that may be necessary. 


  • Clean, Sanitize, and Deodorize the Site


Not one square inch of the affected area will be left untouched. Deep cleaning takes place first, followed by using resources to sanitize the structure and any remaining contents. Finally, the effort involved deodorizing the site, ensuring that no lingering scents of fire remain within the space. 


  • Final Inspection to Ensure Nothing is Missed


Along with the care used up to this point, a thorough restoration involves conducting a second inspection once the initial cleaning is done. The goal is to determine if any area needs additional attention. If not, then the restoration effort is considered completed. 


Keep in mind that these are not the only steps that may be included. Other efforts could be needed, depending on the extent of the damage.

Understanding Why Hiring The Right Restoration Service is So Important

Recovery after a fire is more involved than washing walls, discarding furniture, and other basic cleaning tasks. Fire and smoke damage is more pervasive than many people realize. While some of the damage is obvious, other issues are more difficult for the average person to detect. 


This fact alone makes calling on restoration professionals worth the effort. Trained pros know what to look for, how to evaluate the findings, and what it will take to formulate the right approach to the cleaning and restoration. 


Best Option Restoration is the service that you should call. The crew's collective experience ensures that only the ideal methods are used for inspecting, cleaning, and restoring the damaged space. You'll also find that the crew will work closely with you and your insurance provider to ensure that claims are properly filed, and the cleanup is done in the least amount of time. 


Now is not the time to select the first fire damage restoration service that you come across. Look into the reputation of Best Option Restoration, and you will soon see why they are the right professionals to help restore your fire-damaged property.

What You Can Expect From Fire Damage Restoration Efforts

As a professional fire damage restoration company, Best Option Restoration is committed to providing the best possible support during any restoration effort. There are definitely things that you can expect during the cleanup and restoration. Some examples include: 

  1. Complete evaluations and periodic updates: This helps you to be aware of what's being done, how it's going, and if the restoration effort is on schedule. 

  2. Data for insurance claims: If you're filing the claims yourself, the team keeps you up to date on any additional information needed for the process. You may also find that the restoration service will take on the task of filing claims on your behalf. 

  3. Keeping you safe: While trained personnel may enter damaged areas, you will be encouraged to only enter areas that are safe. As more areas are secured and restored, you will be advised that they are safe for entry. 

  4. Ready access to a point of contact: There may be questions that you want to ask as the restoration progresses. At all times, there will be a point of contact to receive those questions. That same person will take steps to provide responsible and reliable answers. 

  5. Guarantees on the quality of the work. As a professional fire damage restoration service, the satisfaction of the customer is a priority. That's why so much care is taken during the actual restoration effort. Ultimately, the point is to make sure you can use the space safely, and there's no lingering aspects of the fire damage to cause any harm.  

Keep in mind that while there's a lot that a professional service can do, there may still be damaged items to replace, or other factors that are never quite the same again. Even so, the odds of restoring as much of the site as possible are much higher if you use the right restoration service for the job. 


The bottom line is that restoring a residential or commercial property after a fire is not something to take on yourself. Opting to hire professionals will make the recovery process much easier, and help you avoid a considerable amount of worry and frustration. If you're dealing with the aftermath of a fire, now is the time to contact a professional. When you see what the right professional can do, there will be no regret about making that call. 


For more information, please contact Best Option Restoration today. 

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What is Fire Damage Restoration? Steps to Restore Fire Damage