5 Compelling Reasons to Choose a Professional Mold Remediation Service

5 Compelling Reasons to Choose a Professional Mold Remediation Service

Discovering mold in the building doesn't rank as a highlight of your day. It has to go as soon as possible. That will mean finding a restoration company that can take care of the job for you. 

Opting to contact one of the local home restoration services is the most effective way to resolve this problem. Doing so makes sense on more levels than one. Here are some basics about mold, why it needs to be removed quickly, and the reasons for leaving the work in the hands of a professional service.

Mold is More Prevalent Than Many People Realize

How prevalent is mold? Given the fact that all mold needs to proliferate is enough humidity and a space that's unlikely to completely dry out, it can be found in all sorts of dwellings. There are multiple types of mold, some that are more likely to thrive outside, but plenty that can grow and spread indoors.

Mold is often in areas that are difficult to spot at first. Air conditioning ducts are a good example. This means that even if you do find some mold somewhere in the house, there's a good chance that it's in more spots you've not been able to check.

It's Also More Dangerous Than Many Want to Think

There may be some temptation to downplay the presence of mold in your home or other building. This is especially true if you assume that the little bit of mold you see in a corner of the basement is the extent of the issue. In fact, mold can cause harm in multiple ways. 

Damage to the structure itself is one possibility. This is true when the mold is found on wood or other types of building materials. It can hasten the weakening of wood floors, support beams, joists, and other architectural elements. Don't underestimate what mold can do to the roof's support system. As years pass and the mold continues to proliferate, the cost of replacing damaged parts of the structure can be significant. 

Structural damage is only the beginning. Mold spores can lead to the development of all sorts of health issues. As the spores are breathed in, they can lead to lung disease, a number of respiratory issues, and sinus congestion. Ongoing exposure can adversely affect the quality of sleep, trigger severe fatigue, and even cause issues with the nervous system. Simply put, mold does nothing to enhance your health, and can do quite a bit to undermine it.

People who already suffer with asthma and similar chronic conditions are especially impacted by the presence of mold. Exposure for only a short time can make breathing next to impossible. The only solution is to remove all the mold, and take steps to ensure that it doesn't come back anytime soon. 

Mold Isn't Found Only in Older Structures

There's a myth that mold only develops in older buildings. This can lead to a false sense of security for those who live or work in newer structures. The reality is that mold can be found in buildings of any age. Even one that's only been in existence for a few months is not immune from mold. 

All it takes is moisture and a setting that allows the mold to develop. For this reason, don't assume that a house constructed a year ago could not possibly have a mold problem. 

What's Meant by Mold Remediation?

You'll hear various mold remediation services promote their work online and in local media. What's meant by mold remediation? This term refers to all the strategies and steps used to ensure that mold is no longer present, and that it's not likely to come back any time soon. 

A service offering mold remediation is basically telling clients that they can handle everything from detection to resolving issues that led to the mold development in the first place. In terms of being a one-stop solution for protecting the home or other building from mold, this is a solution that many people want. 

How is Mold Remediation Different From Mold Removal?

You may hear some providers described as mold removal services, with no real mention of remediation. While there is some tendency among consumers to use the terms interchangeably, they are not the same. 

So what is the difference between mold removal and remediation? Mold removal is exactly what it sounds like: mold that's been found is removed from the premises. By contrast, mold remediation encompasses the entire process: testing, removal, demolition if needed, sanitizing, containment, deep cleaning, and eliminating the underlying causes for mold development. 

If a service offers nothing other than mold removal, you may or may not have access to all these types of support. For this reason, it pays to hire a service that offers remediation. 

Understanding Why Professional Mold Remediation Matters

Why is mold remediation important? Being exposed to mold will lead to health issues that range from mildly irritating to life-threatening. The longer you're exposed, the greater the risk of serious complications. Unless you want to experience long-term issues, getting rid of the mold and figuring out how to reduce the risk of it coming back is in your best interests. 

Should I hire a mold specialist? That's a question you may be asking yourself. The answer is yes, you need help from a specialist. Why not grab a bottle of bleach and handle the job yourself. The answer is that you don't know how to find all the mold, or how to be sure it's all gone. A specialist can do both, and a lot more.

Five Key Benefits That Result From Hiring The Right Remediation Service

There's a lot to be said for choosing to hire professional mold remediation services rather than living with the mold or tackling the job on your own. Consider these five examples of why to hire a professional and reap the benefits. 

1. Access to the latest in mold detection strategies.
A pro has the right equipment and the right training to locate all the mold found on the premises. You don't. 

2. The resources to safely get rid of the mold.
Do you know what safety precautions to take when getting rid of mold? Most people do not. A professional has the right safety gear and the knowledge of how to use it responsibly. 

3. Testing for lingering traces of mold.
Pros understand the value of conducting additional testing once the initial removal is done. This ensures the problem is truly eliminated, and there's not any stray spores to trigger another spread. 

4. Identifying reasons for the initial mold development.
A professional likes having your business, but not enough to want you to be exposed to more mold. To that end, the pro will point out factors that led to mold developing in the first place. That provides you with advice on how to prevent it from coming back. 

5. The mold is gone sooner rather than later.
Professional methods are designed to bring the problem under control quickly. That translates into better indoor air quality in less time. It also means that the methods used don't pose any type of health threat to you, others who occupy the space, or even household pets. 

It's difficult to think of reasons why you would not call in a professional. If your goal is to get rid of the mold and lower the odds of it returning, bringing in a service is the only real option. 

Tips For Finding The Best Remediation Service

One of the best things about bringing in a professional restoration company to deal with the mold is that you find out what can be done to keep it from returning. If you want only the best, look for these qualities: 

  • Fully trained technicians: The right remediation service doesn't hire people and turn them loose on new clients. Everyone is trained properly before they are assigned a project.

  • A proven record of excellence: The best services are happy to share references. There will also be plenty of online reviews and comments that tell you what past customers think about the business.

  • Detailed inspections: The best services place a lot of emphasis on conducting a thorough search of the building. Instead of rushing through the process, the technician wants to have a full picture of how widespread the mold problem happens to be.

  • Only the best solutions are offered: Expect the right remediation service to offer treatment options that are tailored to your needs. Further, each viable option is explained using terms that you understand.

  • Guarantees: Reputable services have no problem standing behind their work. While you may never need to claim that guarantee, it's nice to know it's there if a covered event does come to pass. 

If you're looking for home restoration services that offer the best in mold detection, removal, and remediation, then the search is over. Best Option Restoration has trained technicians who understand what it takes to isolate and evaluate mold issues. You can rest assured that when they are done, there will be no indication of mold left. Best of all, you'll have some solid suggestions on how to prevent the mold from forming again. 

Nothing good is going to come from living with mold in your home or your place of business. Getting rid of it will protect you and yours in more ways than one. Along with avoiding the structural damage that mold can cause, eliminating serious health risks is a key advantage.

Contact Best Option Restoration today, and get the help that's needed to bring your residential or commercial mold problem under control.

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5 Compelling Reasons to Choose a Professional Mold Remediation Service